The digital escape rooms are physiology-themed revision/consolidation exercises for students in higher education. The resources have been developed to test core physiology knowledge whilst engaging and challenging students to complete a sequence of interactive puzzles. As with all resources on the Active Physiology site, the escape rooms have been designed to facilitate active learning and application of physiology and pharmacology concepts.

The Fun Fair

Cardiac physiology 


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The Emergency Department

Cardiac electrophysiology, arrhythmias and ECGs


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The escape rooms have been created for students in higher education studying physiology as part of their course. Each room has been rated as either “Beginner” or “Advanced” based on level of difficulty, which will vary depending on the degree course. Click here for a guide.

The escape rooms are available online and can be freely accessed anytime, anywhere. Students may choose to play the escape rooms alone (e.g. for revision/consolidation purposes) or as part of a group activity. For group work, it is recommended that groups are kept small (e.g. 3-4 students maximum). 


The escape room can also be played collaboratively online using screen-sharing on any video conferencing platform. Groups will need to nominate a team leader who will access and interact with the escape room page, and share their screen with their team members.

Like a live escape room, players will be working against the clock. The time limit is dependent on the escape room. 


As soon as the game begins, a countdown timer will start, and you will need to complete all puzzles and “escape” before the time is up. If you do not escape in time, you will be redirected (“locked out”) of the escape room, and you will need to start from the beginning.

There is a clue available for each puzzle should you get stuck. However, in order to get the most out of this exercise, players should attempt to solve the puzzle to the best of their ability before accessing the clue.


In the event that players are unable to solve the puzzle and/or work out the key for the lock even after accessing the clue, players will be able to access the answer to the puzzle and the code for the lock. However, the answer button is time-released, so players need to spend some time trying to work out the key before it will be available!

The escape rooms have been designed to be played on larger screens (e.g. desktop, laptop) and NOT on mobile devices (e.g. mobile, tablet). Functionality cannot be guaranteed on mobile devices.

The escape rooms are supported by the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari. They are NOT supported by Microsoft Edge.